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Sullivan's Island Real Estate :: For top local representation in the prime areas of Sullivan's Island including, Sullivan's Island Historic District, Atlanticville Historic District, and Moultrieville Historic District you owe it to yourself to call Mark Costello first at 843.224.3233!




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Sullivanís Island is a great place to live. The Island still maintains its quaint beach charm of yesteryear.  While on the Island, you can't help feel the great history that surrounds you.  I marvel about Sullivan's rich history and how life must have been like in the late 1800ís.  During the early years of Sullivanís Island, Charlestonians would take the Charleston harbor ferry over to Sullivanís Island.  This pilgrimage would be the start to their summer vacations or special holidays. 

On Sullivanís Island the cross streets are called ďstationsĒ not streets, you will find surfers and windsurfers alike enjoying the Atlantic Ocean waves at Station 26.  This is the place where the locals go to catch the best waves.

Sullivanís Island mostly Victorian style homes maintain their character from long ago. Many of the current owners are family members from past generations who vacationed here on the Island centuries ago. On Sullivanís Island, you will find smaller homes on bigger lots.  This is a big contrast to its sister Island, the Isle of Palms.  The separation point between Sullivanís Island and Isle of Palms is Breech Inlet.  Here you will also find the Boathouse restaurant.

Sullivan Island's long time residents are becoming more and more concerned about their ability to remain property owners.  They are finding it harder and harder to afford their homeís property taxes.  In addition to the higher property taxes, the preservation and maintenance costs associated with owning an older homes is also higher . As a result, you will find more out-of-town buyers moving to Sullivanís Island.  These new property owners are updating and expanding their  ďfunctionally obsoleteĒ homes and bring them into the twenty-first century. Although, your changes to the outside of a home will require prior approval from Sullivan's Island Design and Review Board.  The DRB also monitors the new zoning ordinance in order to preserve the historic buildings on Sullivan's Island.  The Design and Review Board also approves height, size, and exterior limitations of all new construction and home additions.

Sullivanís Island lighthouse and Fort Moultrie are national park landmarks.  Although, a resident from 1860 wouldn't  see Sullivan's Island looking much different than a resident in 2006 sees it now.  All you really need to do is visualize dirt roads and you can travel back through time.  There are a total of two hundred and ninety Island homes classified as historical and the majority of these homes are found inside the designated historical areas of Sullivan's Island Historic District, Moultrieville Historic District, and Atlanticville Historic District.


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