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Mark Costello - AgentOwned Realty, Co.

1400 Palm Blvd.

Isle of Palms, SC 29451

Cell 843.224.3233

Fax 843.725.6532


As a full time Realtor, I offer my clients over twenty years of investment and real estate experience.



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Mark Costello

AgentOwned Realty




Mark Costello and Agent Owned Realty


Mark Costello - Personal Statement ::


My philosophy in life is to always show a genuine interest in other people who need my knowledge and expertise.  It was on Capitol Hill when I first realized my strong passion for real estate and it soon became evident to me that real estate would always be an important part of my life. This is why I have devoted over 20 years of my career in helping people complete various types of real estate transactions.  I have and still enjoy helping people with their real estate needs and it is where I have found my greatest passion and satisfaction in my work. The Real Estate profession provides me the opportunity to showcase my knowledge and best utilize my skills and experience.  The buying and selling of real estate is a multifaceted endeavor that incorporates many different professions which  include important areas like property identification, negotiation, inspection, appraisal, finance and insurance.  This constantly changing environment is very challenging and is what motivates me to be my very best.  I truly feel blessed and give thanks each day to be part of such an exciting and challenging real estate market like the one I have found here in Charleston, South Carolina.  One of the greatest fulfillments in life is doing what you love while making an honest living doing it. I look forward to helping you with your Charleston SC real estate purchase and I take great pride in my work.  So, please take a moment and read some of my recent client testimonials.

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Agent Owned Realty - The Company ::


Agent Owned Realty offers me the opportunity to be a full service real estate professional. The Agent Owned Service Group operates a mortgage department, title insurance department and homeowner’s insurance company through AllState Insurance.  This multifaceted real estate service center makes us number one for the entire state of South Carolina in total  real estate transactions completed.

We are extremely proud of the company’s success and its ability to offer you such high quality products and services at such a competitive price. I guess that is why we are number one in total real estate transactions for the State of South Carolina. Agent Owned Realty offers me the resources and tools which I require to complete your real estate transaction from start to finish in a very seamless and efficient manner.

Agent Owned Realty is a company always looking to improve upon its delivery of service.  By our commitment to use modern day technology coupled with good old fashion client service, we plan to remain on top and be the most complete Charleston Real Estate Service Center that it is today.

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Directions to Office


Directions from the Isle of Palms connector ::

At the end of the IOP Connector turn left onto 17 South.
Follow 17 South for approximately 3 miles then turn right onto Anna Knapp Rd.
Take first left turn onto Frontage Road which is the service road.
Continue on service road for approximately ¼ mile then you will see the blue
and white Agent Owned Realty sign on right.  Go ahead and park anywhere you like.

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Directions from Downtown Charleston ::

Take route 17 N over the Copper River Bridge.
Turn left at the third traffic light onto South Shelmore Drive.
Take your first right onto Frontage Road which is the service road.
Continue on service road for approximately ½ mile then you will see the Blue and White Agent Owned Realty sign on your left.  Go ahead and park anywhere you like.

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Directions from Charleston International Airport ::

Take Interstate 526 East for approximately 12 miles.
Take the Mt. Pleasant exit to Charleston Route 17 South.
Turn right at the second traffic light onto Anna Knapp Road.
Take your first left turn onto Frontage Road which is the service road.
Continue on the service road for approximately ¼ mile then you will see the blue and white Agent Owned Realty sign on your right.  Go ahead and park anywhere you like.

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Synopsis ::


In summary, why leave your Charleston real estate transaction to chance?  This is a very big decision and most people will only complete a few real estate transactions during their lifetime. Agent Owned Realty provides you the access to exceptional and innovative product lines and technology. We provide you with all the resources and tools you need for completing a successful real estate transaction.  This is why we hold the premier spot in the state of South Carolina as the number one real estate agency for total real estate transactions.

The South Carolina Real Estate market is very competitive and offers you over three hundred real estate agencies and hundreds of Charleston real estate agents and brokers to choose from.  Not all Realtors are alike.  This is why you need someone who will get the job done right the first time.

My experience in providing high level “client service” to some of the world’s most influential people is now being offered to you. Why would you want to settle for anything less because don't you deserve the best! 

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Mark Costello - AgentOwned Realty


1400 Palm Blvd.


Isle of Palms, SC. 29451


Cell 843.224.3233 - Fax 843.725.6532


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