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The Isle of Palms recently celebrated their 50th anniversary ( May 2004). In addition to the town's fifty year celebration, they also  decided to completely refurbish the main street (Ocean Blvd.) or front beach, as it is known by the locals.  The Isle of Palms is not just a summer vacation get away for South Carolinians anymore.  People from all over the world are attracted to the Island for its Southern charm, beautiful beaches, and close proximity to Historic Charleston.
Although, you will find that the Island does proudly continue with its leisurely pace of yesteryears. As a resident, your typical day might include heading out to the Post Office for a book of stamps.  After visiting the Post Office, you might run into the Red and White grocery story for a loaf of bread and a fresh lime or two. And then finally before heading home, you stop off at Simmons seafood for the fresh catch of the day.  Fresh yellow fin Tuna! Yum. Now you can't wait to get home and start the grill, toast some Focaccia bread, and pour yourself a libation.
The Isle of Palms residents have always remained committed to maintaining the islandís natural beauty.  You will find this commitment everywhere you go.  There are a few hotels or condotels located on the Isle of Palms, but they blend in nicely.  The other commercial buildings like beachfront restaurants and shops also have a similar look and fit into the landscape nicely. Again,  the town residents unwillingness to give in to big developers and commercialize the Island required great foresight and vision. The town's elected officials and residents deserve great credit for the Islandís beautiful look and feel.  The Islandís beauty is most evident along Ocean Blvd and Palm Blvd.  This leisurely drive will be sure to impress even the wealthiest of people.  This six mile stretch is straight Island time, where you will find plenty of beautiful homes and Palm trees.
The Isle of Palms also completed a very extensive remodeling project at the town recreational center. Here you will find residents enjoying the evenings playing tennis and basketball under the lights. You can also sign up for the many aerobic and yoga classes offered inside this newly renovated Recreational Center.
I always try to attend the Isle of Palms arts and crafts festival held in early December.  Here you can find local Charleston artists exhibiting and selling their art work.  This truly is an easy and enjoyable way to Christmas shop.
As a resident of the Isle of Palms, you can't help become attached to the loggerhead turtle.  Who knows you might become the next member of the Island Turtle Team.  So remember, lights out at after dark!  We wouldnít want to confuse those cute little baby turtles.


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